teri geerTeri Geer started dancing at an early age.  She was not what most people would call a natural.  Many would have actually called her a “klutz.”  Through hard work and determination, Teri began to excel.  As a teenager, she was awarded the title of Miss Teen Dance and started teaching others.  It was in teaching that Teri found her true passion: teaching and sharing the benefits of dance with others–helping them realize their true potential.  Teri has enjoyed competing in both professional and pro-am events.  In 2013 she was honored as one of the top ten ballroom dance teachers in United States.   While Teri works with dancers who compete, she equally enjoys teaching beginners.

Whether your goal is to dance well at a wedding, or learn to dance for recreation and social events, Teri appreciates that everyone wants to feel comfortable and confident dancing. 

Learn the basics, expand your skills, and have fun at Kalamazoo Ballroom Academy!